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10 Movies for entrepreneurs

Get ready your popcorn, chips and all the goodies available to spend a weekend ull of movies. We found 10 movies that every entrepreneur must see on the website

We hope to be an inspiration to all your dreams.

1. Jerry Maguire (EUA, 1996). The plot revolves around Jerry (Tom Cruise), a successful man working in an agency dedicated to the promotion of sports. However, when Jerry is aware that money is above humans is fired. So he is forced to start from scratch with a secretary and a client: A football player second rate. After many efforts and discussions between the protagonists, they demonstrate that behind the business is a genuine friendship.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness, (EUA, 2006).This film, based on the true story of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), is about a lower-class man who is abandoned by his wife and is left in charge of his little son. Chris looking for a new job to give you a better quality of life to his son, but the search is not easy: it is evicted from their home, they have to live on the street and feeding time in shelters.

3. The Social Network, (EUA, 2010). This film tells the story of the creation of the most popular social networking site Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard student in his room developed an album with photographs of students of the university. After enlisting the help of his best friend, as well as sponsorship of two wealthy twins, Zuckerberg created Facebook and find out that it is positioned on all U.S. universities, and then worldwide.

4. Citizen Kane, (EUA, 1941). This film, inspired by the creator of the yellow press magnate William Randolph Hearst, is considered by many critics as "the best film of all time." Although Kane's story is very inspiring to show what an entrepreneur should NOT be the highlight of this film is the entrepreneurialism of Orson Wells, who serves as director, writer, producer and actor. Wells was against the system: first using a cinematic language that is now a school for many filmmakers.

5. Moneyball, (EUA, 2011)This film is based on the real life of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball. Given the multiple defeats of his team and the loss of the best players for lack of budget, Beane must rethink its strategy. With the help of a young analyst using statistical calculations define the new positions, the Oakland Athletics achieved several wins.

6. The Godfather, (EUA, 1972). This film, based on the book of the same name, is one of the most memorable and acclaimed history of cinema. The first part tells the story of Vito Corleone, head of one of the most powerful of the Italian mafia in New York in the 40 families. In this trilogy reference to the challenges of aliens in the United States and the idea of the American dream faced violence of these groups is made.

7.  Wall Street (EUA, 1987). Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen)is a young broker who wants to achieve success on Wall Street, and is hired by her idol, investment tycoon Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). Bud will slowly entering into the world of luxury and power, but soon discovers that Gekko is an unscrupulous man who only cares about money. When Bud gets an attractive offer that breaks the rules of ethics must decide whether to accept it.

8. Pirates of (Silicon Valley, 1999)This docudrama is a biopic of Bill Gates and talks about the first personal computer and the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft. This story begins in the early 70s and ends with a toast in 1985 on the birthday of Steve Jobs before being dismissed by his companion of his own company. This movie shows a real and entertaining way, the beginnings of the great computing that address the world today.

9.  The Corporation (Canadá, 2003). This documentary examines the modern corporation views from a personal level and evaluating its behavior as would a psychiatrist. The documentary shows the development of corporations over time through real cases and reviews about business practices in particular to the lack of human relations and a lack of ethics in organizations.

10.  Forrest Gump (EUA, 1994)Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks)  is a man with a mild mental retardation from a small town in America. Forrest travels around the world thanks to popular culture, looking for a girl, and an essential part of some of the most important events of the twentieth century as the Vietnam War. Among his inventions is the passing of Elvis Presley's most famous dance, and their famous events, winning the tournament tennis, run by the U.S. without stopping, to be awarded by the President and founding his own shrimp company Bubba Gump.

Source: Soy Entrepreneur

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