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5 Ways to Save Money

Sometimes there comes a point in our lives where we have incurred expenses that are above or very close to the monthly income. This makes us feel discouraged by not having any money to spend on ourselves and go out with our friends.

According to the article "How to save money every month" from the website WiKiHow, to raise the balance of the savings account, you have to carefully evaluate the basic expenses and then find ways to cut costs.

  • Record your expenses. Gather all receipts in January and in a document on your computer, write them all and add. If the salary of your current job is less than the total of your receipts, you have a budget deficit and must cut spending less critical.

  • Check your cellphone account. Reduce communication costs for investigating prepaid cell phones and Internet access. Consider using a prepaid minutes plan to use the Internet at home and to family members who only use the phone for a few minutes per month.

  • Buy unprocessed foods in the market, where fruits, vegetables and fresh meat are, to avoid buying more expensive packaged foods.

  • Delete your monthly TV bill. The TV subscription channels are one of the biggest regular expenses incurred by families. Jump to a life open to save more money every month and enjoy additional free time by reducing the hours watching TV television.

  • Find an additional entry. One of the surest ways to increase personal savings is to earn more money per month. Get a part-time with flexible hours that can work with your primary occupation.

Always Save 10% of your income in a bank, savings account or under your mattress.You'll see it is worth it!Happy start of the month!

Source WiKiHow . 

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