martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

5 things successful people do before 8AM

What is common to all the greatest entrepreneurs in history? A part of being successful, workers, innovators, dreamers and more, the factor that unites them today in this blog, is that they get up very early.

Getting up before 8:00 AM can be the solution to all your problems. Not 5 minutes before, not ten. At least 3 hours before 8:00 AM to be able to do this 5 activities that successful people do before leaving home.

1. Exercise

Exercise in the morning because it gives them extra energy boost for the day and a nice sense of accomplishment.

2. Plan

Morning is a good time to organize your day and set goals, as it is often one of the few quiet moments in the day.

3. Have breakfast

It is essential to eat well in the morning because it will help you stay alert and not be worried about your tummy growl.

4. Visualize

The morning is the perfect time to spend some quiet time to meditate or visualize what is to come.

5. Stars with hard work

At the moment your work day ends, you're ending with easier to do, so you have free time. 

Start getting up more earlier tomorrow!


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